Special Interest Groups

Our special interest groups (SIGs) provide members with specific forums to network, exchange views and share best practice with their peers.

Joining a group enables you to:

  • Make valuable contacts and gain insight into topical, relevant and challenging risk issues
  • Further develop your knowledge in specialist areas
  • Apply your additional knowledge and new contacts to drive improvement in your business' performance and raise the profile of risk management within it 

Members can join as many groups as they like. Non-members can join our groups for a limited period of time, but will need to become an IRM member if they wish to continue attending meetings and enjoy wider membership benefits.

In other news click here to check out our news release covering the announcement of our new Climate Change Special Interest Group


Our events are free to attend and a member benefit. If you are not a member you are permitted to attend 3 events free of charge. After such time you are required to become a member of the IRM to continue to attend our events. For more information on membership please click here.

Setting up a new group

To form a new group in your specialist area please contact:

 +44 (0)20 7709 9808