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The Energy Special Interest Group aims to bring together risk professionals, gain insights from risk practitioners, establish a strong network and discuss what the future of the industry holds.

Disruption, uncertainty and the role of risk management

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Alexander Larsen, CFIRM

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Risk Management in Oil & Gas (3-day training course)

Learn about the theory and practise of risk management at an enterprise and project level, focusing on oil and gas case studies such as; oil price, working in politically unstable environments, managing projects portfolios and supply chain.

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Past events

Energy SIG webinar - Global events, Pandemics and the Future of Oil & Gas

The global energy sector is facing unprecedented challenges and change. In 2020 alone - before Covid-19 was declared a pandemic - events such as the OPEC meeting, an already oversupplied market and the ongoing demands by global communities for decarbonisation were all pointing to a very different future and tough times ahead. With the declaration of Covid-19 as a global health pandemic and its impact being felt globally, the resulting demand shock has exacerbated the energy sector. How resilient is the energy sector? How prepared is it to deal with these challenges?  How might things look in the future? What are the main players doing, or what should they be doing, during these times?

Our speakers shared their insights on the current and future prospects for global energy. 


Wednesday 22nd April 2020


16:00 - 17:30 BST


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Committee Members-

Group Chair: Alexander Larsen

Deputy Chair: Grant Griffiths

Secretary: Nicola Crawford   

Member of the committee: Rahat Latif

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