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The IRM Risk Special Interest Group was established over 15 years ago to provide practical guidance for charities about managing risk and opportunities by sharing knowledge, tips and best practice amongst sector professionals. Our overall aim is to increase the sector's knowledge of risk management best practice, to explore practical solutions for managing sector challenges (such as new regulation requirements), and provide a forum where risk professionals can meet to learn from one another and share up to date risk management practice.

Meets throughout the year to host special events for IRM members and provides practical risk management advice on topical issues.


Risk Governance for Charities: 
Risk management structures and accountabilities' (2018)


Tool for providing assurance on regulatory compliance (2018)

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2020 Strategy

In 2020, the SIG’s theme of the year will be creating a positive culture to support the early identification and management of risks. Our events and publications will explore key issues related to how charities can mature culture and provide opportunities for topical discussions, including how we influence risk-based decision making across the sector.

In addition, we are planning events and publications around how to manage emerging risks, and safeguarding.

We will continue to hold half day events, hold round table discussions, publish practical risk management guidance and use technology such as webinars to reach beyond our regular membership.

Upcoming publications for 2020  

  • Emerging Risks in the third/charity sector
  • Risk Culture
  • People Risks  

Ask the SIG team

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How to join the IRM Charity Risk SIG

If you want to learn more about risk management and how the sector manages it, if you want to share your knowledge and learn from your peers, or if you simply want to keep in touch with what’s happening then please join our mailing list where we will ensure that you receive invitations to our events, copies of our publications when launched, and our newsletters.

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How IRM's Charities Group helps organisations manage their risks

Watch the video below to hear Alyson Pepperill give insights into IRM's Charities Special Interest Group (SIG). 

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Group Chair: Alyson Pepperill 

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"We used the IRM Charities SIG “Getting started guide” in all of our risk management workshops with directorates and departments.

Workshop participants found the guidance easy to follow and helped them overcome their initial concerns that risk management is difficult and complicated.

Alzheimer’s Society

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Upcoming events 

In previous years, we held a Top Risks Survey. We have decided not to hold one this year and instead to survey members on emerging risks through one or more of our events.

We are currently planning the following events for 2020:

  • People Risks (including safeguarding and Equality Diversity and Inclusion) – by 30/9
  • TBA – by 30/11 – as requested at events and via SIG meetings
  • Extra events such as round tables/webinars will follow above themes


Past events

Emerging Risks in the Third Sector - Cancelled

In view of the current circumstances we have decided to cancel the event scheduled 23rd April on Emerging Risks. We are investigating other ways in which we can deliver this to members of the SIG group currently but the volunteers in the SIG team have no capacity to do this at the moment. Please bear with us at this difficult time and best wishes to you and your teams

Date: Thursday, 23rd April 2020
Time: 13:30 - 16:30


Date: Thursday 10 October 2019
Time: 13:15 - 16:30
Location:  Ecclesiastical Insurance, 24 Monument St, London EC3R 8AJ

If you are interested in managing regulatory risk, please hold this date and time as our next seminar event will introduce our guides on regulatory risk management and assurance. As usual, the event will include an interactive session to gain your insights and to demonstrate how the guides can help on a practical level. We should also expect to hear from a regulator (or two) about their thoughts on the topic and a peer about how they have tackled this subject.


Establishing a positive risk culture

Date: Thursday 23 May 2019
Time: 13:30-17:00
Location:  Lloyd’s of London, 1 Lime St, London EC3M 7HA – Hopper Room, Lloyd’s Lab

This seminar will launch the two guides we have issued on regulatory risk management and assurance, as well as hear from regulators and provide members with the opportunity to engage practically with the processes outlined in the publications.

Risk Culture Lloyd's slides: click here

IRM SIG Culture Seminar slides: click here


Implementing the Three Lines of Defence (3LOD) model - the challenges webinar

Tuesday 30 April 2019

The webinar is now on-demand, should you like to view it again. Use the link below to enter the webinar at any time.

Webinar link:



We will continue to issue publications. Work is already underway on our main publication for 2019 on Regulatory Risk Assurance. Two others are planned for mini publications: 

  • Risk Deep Dive
  • Top Risks 

IRM Charities SIG practical guides

Getting started with risk management

Risk Governance

Risk Appetite

Risk and Regulation

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