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Course syllabus

Set at an equivalent level to a postgraduate qualification, the Diploma is made up of six modules.

The first two modules lead to the award of the International Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management or the International Certificate in Financial Services Risk Management and completion of all six modules leads to the award of the International Diploma. You must successfully complete the International Certificate before progressing to the remaining four modules of the Diploma

Download the full Diploma syllabus (PDF)

International Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management

Download the full syllabus »

International Certificate in Financial Services Risk Management

Download the full syllabus »

Risk assessment

This module builds in the previous modules and explores the sources and types of risk information that help identify, record and communicate risk effectively. It examines the different techniques for identifying risks and explores common methods for analysing risks and uncertainties.

Risk treatment

This module looks at the role of risk treatment within the wider enterprise risk management framework. It explores the different approaches that an organisation can employ to effectively respond to opportunities and treat threats.

Risk, governance and culture

This module examines issues of corporate governance, risk oversight, internal control and assurance in a global marketplace. It examines the role of the board and key stakeholders in ensuring that risk is integrated with strategy. It explores the critical elements of organisational behaviours including culture, corporate social responsibility and business ethics.

Crises, resilience and future risks

This module equips you with a framework to help organisations strengthen their resilience at strategic, tactical and operational levels to face current and future risks. It uses a range of case studies from different business sectors and geographical regions to analyse how crises are managed.

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